Perfume: Story of a Murderer 
Saturday, July 9, 2011, 05:20 PM
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Here is a trailer for the well known film:

If you have yet to see this film, check out what's available on Amazon: Perfume
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All Time Top 10 Perfumes for Women 
Saturday, July 9, 2011, 05:13 PM
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If you are a lady who is contemplating purchasing a highly rated perfume, then ideally the best place would be to check the list of the top 10 perfumes for women. These perfumes are rated because of their universal appeal to women and their acceptance.

Dolce & Gabbana

This award winning brand with a collection of 25 unique perfumes is a household name and a global trotter. It is well designed to cater for the taste buds of the confident urban woman who wants to embody true feminine beauty in a stimulating way.

Carolina Herrera Perfume

This brand has a magical scent which makes it an elegant classy perfume. Its fragrance caresses your skin with a refreshing flowery scent drawn from flowers such as lily and gardenia among others.

Amor Perfume

Amor is an outstanding brand. It has managed to offer sweet and sensual perfumes for ladies its designer status notwithstanding. One can purchase them for as low as $15 to a maximum of $80 from local cosmetic shops.

Eau De Rocha's

This brand has been reputed to be a high selling brand and gives the women a refreshing airy scent from a mix of her spices and flowers extracted to make a naturally endearing fragrance. It's a classic brand that can create a lasting impression.

Chanel 5 Perfumes

Chanel 5 is an all time favourite for many women. This perfume is for the confident and outgoing lady who wants to create a lasting impression. Its strength lies in its ability to produce a flowery fragrance that is both sweet, airy, and sensual

Estee Lauder Perfumes

Amazingly, the Estee Lauder perfumes with sensual and airy scents caters for evening, daytime and all occasions that you mind can conjure. You can choose from its classic brands such as pleasures perfume, youth dew among others.

Liz Claiborne

The triangle shaped bottle and the floral scent was the identification mark of this respected brand that was unveiled almost two decades ago. It combines amber, sandalwood, peach, lilac and other spices and flower extracts to create the ultimate fragrance for day wear.


This is one of the most reputable brands that has managed to produce a line of quality perfumes for all occasions. This brand incorporates a blend of natural extracts to create unique natural scents.


This perfume comes in a variety with a rich natural flair. It gives the wearer the confidence to start the day with a refreshing aroma of spicy and fresh flowery scents.


Is a classic perfume which creates easily a mix of sensual, and mystic aura. This spicy fragrance is ideal for the sexy and seductive women who want to embody true feminine qualities.

- Popea Ionut
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Perfume - Passion of Today's Generation 
Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 08:06 PM
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Perfume - what comes into mind after hearing that word? Aromatic scent or fragrance isn't it? True, it's the scent that attracts. People use it to attract someone special. The scent of perfume is refreshing; it can change your mood and makes you feel confident. You feel like heaven. The aromatic scent of perfume spreads romance in the air around you.

Perfume is the most popular and necessary product for every person. Everyone loves the sweet smell of perfume. People might want to be more attractive to someone special. Wearing perfume for a specific occasion is an art. It should always be in accordance to wearer's personality, character, body scent and skin chemistry as not only you are affected by the fragrance you apply, but also the people who are exposed to it. So always be sure to choose the best perfume.

There are several ways to select a perfume. You will want to think about the type of scent that you enjoy. A fragrance can be musky. The perfume can smell fruity. Or, the fragrance can smell more flowery.

In some cases, the perfume can even smell clean and crisp. Some perfume choices can smell very light while other perfumes will be much stronger. Perfumes are all very distinct. Just because you enjoy one perfume in vanilla does not mean another fragrance in vanilla will smell the same.

There are so many brands available in the market. Coty perfume and Joop perfume are growing in popularity day by day. We can say that demand of both these perfume brands has increased for the last few years.

Coty perfume: Coty Iron Cologne for men was introduced by Coty in 1987; Iron Cologne is a refined, aquatic fragrance. This perfume has a blend of ocean air as well as marine notes. Iron Cologne is a scent of an exquisite lemon pepper, cedar, pine and musk fragrance. It is recommended for evening wear.

Coty also provides Jovan perfume for women, launched in 1999. Jovan perfume's refreshing floral scent possesses a blend of cucumber, sandalwood, jasmine, with hints of rose and bergamot. It is recommended for daytime wear.

Joop perfume: Design house of Joop introduced Joop perfume in 1989. This distinctly masculine aroma is a sensual, intense, intriguing and luxurious blend of cinnamon, jasmine, honey and tobacco. Classified as a refined, oriental, woody fragrance, Joop man cologne is sure to make any man smell like a million dollars.

So you can purchase a wide range of discount perfumes. Finding a perfume that is affordable is not hard when you use online perfume stores. There are many perfume stores online that will offer a wide range of gorgeous smelling perfumes for you to take into consideration. That's why we can say that today perfume has become a symbol of passion for today's generation.

- Harry Jonson
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